What is the North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College?

The college offers educational courses to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in shared learning environments in the community.

It’s open to anyone who:

  • lives, works or studies in North Ayrshire
  • is over the age of 16

The college will support you to:

  • identify and build on your own strengths
  • make sense of your experiences
  • take responsibility, where possible, to self-manage their mental health and wellbeing

I’m a student?

Yes, within the Recovery College you are a student.

You identify your learning needs and choose courses to meet those needs. An application form is completed, and your preferred courses identified.

All forthcoming courses are listed on our website.

A waiting list may be created for popular courses and we will try to run an additional course the following term, where there is demand.

“The Recovery College is an amazingly diverse community of like-minded people”

Claire D

Aims of the college

We strive to enable students to gain an increased:

  • ability in coping and self-managing skills
  • sense of empowerment
  • sense of connectedness with others
  • sense of hope and optimism for the future


  • Co-production – courses developed by experts with lived experience
  • Education – learning for self-management
  • Inclusion – open to all
  • Recovery Focus – focus on wellbeing


  • Celebration – celebrating success
  • Empowerment – taking control
  • Person Centred – an individual journey
  • Strength Based – building on existing strengths

“I started to feel my confidence slowly gaining, more and more each day”

Eileen H

Learning tracks

Learning tracks will help you decide where you are on your recovery and learning journey. This will make it easier to select the courses to suit your current needs and progression.

What is recovery?

There is no single definition.

It does involve self-management and recovery from a health condition. It’s also about recovering a life worth living and regaining those things that may have been lost due to mental or physical illness or disability.

These could include:

  • confidence
  • purpose
  • meaning
  • life opportunities
  • education
  • employment

“It’s helped me to make friends with my anxiety, instead of fearing it, and to recognise that it’s just a part of me, not all of me”

Pamela C

Who are the tutors?

The college is delivered by Recovery Across Mental Health, a charity which:

  • promotes recovery from mental ill health
  • empowers people to build independent, fulfilled lives

RAMH works in partnership with a number of different organisations who deliver training and workshops within the curriculum.

The tutors are supported by the Student Services Team.

How are the courses decided?

Some courses have been tried and tested over the last two years. Others are evolving through discussion in response to students’ needs.

Courses, in principle, will be co-produced with tutors and with people who are experts by experience.

What’s next?

Students who are stable in their recovery and aspire to support others are encouraged to complete relevant training courses with a view to becoming a Peer Learning Buddy or Volunteer Peer Trainer.

There will be an interview process for all volunteer roles.

All students are asked to identify their long term goal and will be supported to work towards that goal.

Possible goals could include:

  • becoming a Volunteer Peer Tutor
  • going into further education
  • volunteering
  • joining a community group
  • gaining paid employment

“Recovery College has been the best prescription I have ever signed for”

Lynne S

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