Drumming Up Mental Health Awareness

North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College is screening the movie ‘The Visitor’ on Tuesday 26th November at 6.30pm in partnership with Ardrossan Community Cinema at the Nazarene Church, Glasgow Street, Ardrossan.

The film traces the story of a lonely widower, struggling with work who befriends a group of refugees, and a touching friendship develops through learning to play the djembe (African drums).

The evening will involve a mini drum workshop, after screening panel and audience discussion. A fun and exciting time is promised.

Dr Jane Bentley who has researched the impact of drumming on wellbeing will be sharing her experience and leading a drum workshop. The Recovery College has a weekly African drumming group on Wednesday afternoons and people are finding their groove. Dr Jane says “everyone has a heartbeat – everyone can quickly find the rhythm and find the beat.

Tuesday 6.30pm Ardrossan Nazarene. Recovery College 01294 447355

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