Ian MacLaren

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Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Ian MacLaren

I have heard this a few times recently and it struck a chord.

Our experience of life, how hard we find it, the strategies we use for coping are often below the water line. You cant see them, or rarely.

We often hide behind the oh, I’m fine. Post happy photos on social media, snack too often, take a few too many drinks or indulge in some other behaviour that is not best for us. Few people openly acknowledge that life is hard and at times unbelievably hard. The notion that its strong to be open and admit your vulnerabilities is not universally accepted, so we play along and pretend.

Paradoxically its when you admit that you are struggling to others you find you are not alone. At times, we all feel shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment, anger.Feel as though we are an impostor and struggle with confidence and low self esteem.

We are not unique in having those feelings.

There is great comfort in knowing you are not alone.

There is no sign on our forehead to signal to everyone else that we are fighting a hard battle, like there is no sign on the other persons forehead, to show us that life is also hard for them..

You may see some behaviour that you may think of as bad, but can you just PAUSE and ask the question.

What hard battle are they fighting?

A novel I read a few years ago, The trouble with goats and sheep, written by a psychiatrist really embodied the sentiment of the quote for today. As the novel progresses you really see what hard battles each of the characters are having and begin

to have greater empathy , compassion and wish to extend kindness.

This quote is also saying be kind to yourself, you know which battles you are fighting, so extend that compassion and kindness to yourself.



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