J.M Barrie

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“God gave us memory that we may have roses in December” J.M Barrie

I was listening this week to a talk from an indigenous Canadian man who talked about honouring our ancestors and having gratitude and connection to our past.

I have a connection to JM Barrie ( Peter Pan), in that I lived in Dumfries and the school I went to was next to the house where JM Barrie grew up which has now been turned into a museum.

What ever you believe in, whether you think there is a God, we can all appreciate what is is to have memory and imagine a rose.
We can call this picture to mind even in the depths of winter, when things are bleak with no signs of growth.

We have memory and can conjure up beautiful images.
We have memory of seeing wonderful things, places , people. We have memory of shared times, shared events with our loved ones, we can hear the laughter, taste the food, enjoy and savour the moments of togetherness.
What memory of a flower or natural thing that you have appreciated can you bring to mind?

What memory do you have or can bring to mind to sustain you and keep you going?

Hopefully, if you can go outside or see some nature you can appreciate if not the roses yet you can see some beautiful flowers. I can see bluebells and some daffodils and it makes me smile.
What can you see outside that is growing just now that is giving you pleasure?

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