Meet the Peers – Part One

The North Ayrshire Wellbeing and Recovery College in 2020 employed 3 Peer Volunteers. Each volunteer has a specific role within the college and play an integral part to the development and journey of the Recovery College.

Louise Hastie – Peer Support

My name is Louise, I am a single mum of 3 kids. For years I worked in retail while bringing up the children but two years ago I decided to change my life for the better; I went back to college as a mature student. I achieved a Business course then a Medical course and I’m going back to study HNC Accounts next. While doing these courses I have also been a student at the Recovery College, taking part in various courses offered to students. I became a peer volunteer, helping and supporting other students within the college and helping to co-facilitate courses with lecturers. As you can tell, my passion is to learn and push myself to add to my strengths. 
My hopes and dreams for the future are to keep learning and developing my skills; being the strong person I have found within. 

Claire Daziel – Creative Arts

Lynne Shakespeare – Self Management

I am an “original” with Recovery College! After sessions with a mental health practitioner, I was placed on a course- Moving On Together. On completion, I attended a pilot event for Recovery College in North Ayrshire, I signed up! Two years and a plethora of courses later, from developing tools to help with self-maintenance and strategies to monitor our mood to relaxation & mindfulness. I’ve had the opportunity to be a co-facilitator on courses and assist in course development. Telling My Story at a conference, and becoming a Peer Volunteer are the latest surprise successes in my Recovery College journey. Possibilities arise when encouragement and support are guaranteed!

I firmly believe everyone has a vital part to play in our collective learning. Learning has both energised and excited me, especially adult learning. Helping others achieve their goals brings great satisfaction. I derive a thrill from engaging with others, regardless of age. The act of connecting with others boosts my confidence reassuring me I’m not alone. I love listening to people’s stories, no matter who or how short.

Gardening is my stress buster, growth through nurture is a core belief. My growing disabilities drive me to succeed. From animal rescue to litter picking re balancing Nature is paramount in my life

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