Recovery College Update 12th June

Hello Recovery College students, peers and tutors,

Thank you for all the feedback regarding the Celebration of Learning which will be on 30th June 1-2.15pm. Please put the date in your diaries and plan to come. It will be our virtual end of term and we have a few surprises planned.

Thank you for those who have been brave enough to share their Recovery College experiences on film! Trish will be sending out a Survey Monkey to gain wider feedback and we would really value you completing it promptly.

We are also doing evaluations to learn as much as we can on your online learning experience, thank you for completing. I know we are working you hard!!

Next week is national Loneliness Awareness Week – here’s a link to a charity that offers support and guidance

This particularly relevant during the Covid Crisis as some people who have never experienced loneliness are struggling with the enforced isolation.

New Courses: This week two new courses started – Film Forum with Richard Warden and Listening and Empathy with Karen Krawczyk.

Film Forum

Monday the 8th June, was the start of our Film Forum Course, brought to us by Canadian Film Producer, Richard Warden & supported by our Creative Arts, Peer Trainer Volunteer Claire Dalziel. Day one was based around the film ‘From Scotland with Love’, a stunningly beautiful film created entirely from archive film material, directed by Virginia Heath & with original music by Scottish Singer/ Songwriter King Creosote/ Kenny Anderson. The film was commissioned as part of the Cultural Festival accompanying the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games & examines universal themes of; love & loss, work & leisure, resistance & immigration, fighting for justice. The film was thoroughly enjoyed by all & described as; Nostalgic, Thought Provoking, Bittersweet, Inspiring, Emerging, Living Art.

Definitely a film worth a watch. (50 mins of Film here)…/ep…/b047lx52/from-scotland-with-love (or if you have a TV license, you can view the entire Film here)

Anyone is welcome to join.

Join Zoom – Monday 15th June, 1.00pm…

Listening & Empathy

Here is the link to a film to watch whether you are coming to the course or not. And listeners don’t forget your listening homework.

Brene Brown professor, lecturer author and social researcher describes empathy in a lovely cartoon

Helen Reiss, Associate clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School discusses the power of empathy and why empathy matters along with an explanation of empathy using the acronym EMPATHY:

E eye contact/ eye gaze

M muscles of expression

P posture

A Affect, expressed emotions

T tone of voice

H hearing the whole person

Y your response

Tuesday Zoomday Please come ready to share your key learning in the last year and a course you found helpful. It will be good to share experiences and hear about courses some of you have not yet attended. We will also chat about summer school and planning for next semester.

Join Zoom Meeting

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, we will be releasing some short films in the build up to our online Celebration of Learning…….

Be kind, stay safe, stay connected

Best wishes from Jeanette, Molly, Lainey and Trish

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