Recovery College Update: 15th of May


Well, time is marching on and we are still in various stages of lockdown and isolation.  Hopefully you are all finding ways to cope.  The new online curriculum is going well and lots of you are engaging – even though some of you tell us that you are ‘not techy’ – then within one zoom workshop you very quickly get used to how it works and can help out fellow learners.

I mentioned the lovely cherry blossom a few weeks ago, but a stiff breeze over the weekend has blown it away.  There are been some beautiful sunsets recently – perhaps we should have a weekly photo blog?  Tell us what you think of that idea.

This week on Tuesday Zoomday we introduced our three Peer Volunteers (below) to you.  It was great to hear about their mental health journeys and about their hope and optimism for the future.

Claire Dalziel Peer Volunteer Trainer Creative Arts

Louise Hastie Peer Volunteer Trainer Peer Development

Lynne Shakespeare Peer Volunteer Training Self Management

You will be receiving a letter and postcard from RAMH in the post this week.  RAMH are the mental health charity that employ the 3 college staff and they provide support in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire.  I hope you find it helpful. 

If you’ve ever attended our drumming sessions on a Wednesday at the Nazarene in Ardrossan, you are more than welcome to join in at Drum 4UR Life on a Wednesday afternoon on Zoom.  Here’s the link – you can drum on anything, a pot or a box will do just fine.   Join Zoom Meeting

On 19th May for Tuesday Zoomday we are joined by Author and Poet Caroline Johnstone to talk about poetry and wellbeing.  The current crisis has brought out the poetic side of quite a few students, see below from Tommy.  The link for this session is: Join Zoom Meeting


Sun, moon and stars
Saturn, Venus and Mars:
Rivers, fields and land,
Shells and rock and sand.

Valley, lake and hill
Oceans full of krill
Seas, isles and reef
Flowers, stem and leaf.

Woods, dale and dell,
Clover, poppy, bluebell.
Reed, bush and tree
Moth and ant and bee.

Flume, marsh and brook,
Crow, raven and rook.
Mink, weasel and stoat,
Sheep, hens and goat.

Pear, plum and cheer
Lemon, lime and blueberry.
Spring, burn and stream,
Trout, carp and bream.

Mole, mouse and hare,
Hippo, lion and bear.
For, dog and cat,
Thrush, owl and bat.

Blackbird, wren and dove,
Hope strength and love,
Despite all this strife,
It’s such a wonderful life.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected

Jeanette, Molly, Trish and Lainey.

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