Recovery College Update 4 – 17.4.20

 “There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

Hello again to all our students.  Hopefully we have managed to contact you all by now, whether by email, phone or text. 

We are now in Week 4 of our ‘new normal’ – how is it feeling for you?  Please keep in touch with us and let us know, we are keen to hear how students are doing during the lockdown.   With very little to ‘timeframe’ us at the moment it is healthy to have scheduled events.  Have you noticed each week at the ‘Clap for Carers’ that the evenings are getting lighter and lighter as we head towards summer.

This week at Tuesdays Live Zoom, we met Karen Krawzyk, Karen is a therapist and Life Coach, we had a lovely conversation about quotes that can inspire and help you.  Some of the session feedback:   A Bright Spark, Connected Consciousness, Live for the Moment, Recognise what you Feel, Inspiring, Increased Aspiration through Connection, Though Provoking, Growth, Glimpse of the Future.

The feedback from students is that you very quickly get used to using Zoom – we have posted ‘How To’ guides on Facebook and attach them here to help you. We would encourage you all to come and join us, please!

We have some possibilities of online workshops, please email Trish to indicate which you would be interested in registering for:

  1. Recovery Wisdom with John McCormack, 4 sessions
  2. Developing Listening & Empathy with Karen Krawczyk, 4 sessions
  3. Sleep Well, Be Well, 2 sessions

We have a selection of Zooms available for you this week :-

1.Tues Live Zoom, hosted by Jeanette with guest tutor, Suzanne Baines, You Matter Always.

Recovery College Live Zoom Tues 21 April 2020 1:00pm  Join Zoom Meeting, click below   Meeting ID: 193 632 154

2. Drum 4UR Life Live ZOOM Wed April 22 1.30pm    Meeting ID: 815 017 704

Drummers come with drums or home-made percussion (plastic tub, box of tissues). We had good fun last week and we have some audio backing tracks to share so you can practice at home alone.

3. Living Life to the Full Live ZOOM with Claire Young, open to all Thurs 23 April, 1pm Meeting ID: 688 312 867

This is an introduction to managing depression and anxiety and there are lots of skills we can all benefit from. Whether you have done this course or have half done it or never done it, please do join us.

You can also do the online course for free at

  • DRUMMING FOR WELLBEING with Dr Jane Bentley

Many of you have enjoyed the first film, the second will be released this week. It will be posted on our Facebook page

And on our new youtube channel

Next week we will be releasing John McCormack’s first film ‘Recovery Wisdom’.


It was good to get some writing back from some of you from Molly’s Write to Recovery Sheet. Number 2 is attached for you.

Everyone’s Recovery Story is different, keep your focus and remember that you are still on your recovery journey and use all the strategies you have been in learning in your courses. Kerry Elliot, one of our students and a Peer Worker with Penumbra has generously shared her recovery story to share with you all. Thank you Kerry.


This week the challenge is to move a little bit more – Claire Young has a Mind and Body daily post on Facebook – gentle exercise for the perfect start for you day.  If you type “Mind and Body with Claire Young” into the facebook search bar it should take you straight there.

All the best to you all,

Keep Connected and Keep Safe,

Jeanette, Molly, Trish and Lainey

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