Recovery College Update 6 – 1st of May

North Ayrshire Recovery College weekly updated 1st May 2020

Hello again to all our students and a warm welcome to our new students

Now that we are adjusting to a more restricted way of living, it is pleasantly surprising to see and hear of the good things that are happening.  The cherry blossoms are now in full bloom – such a cheery reminder of spring.

May sees the start of our new on-line curriculum.  You will have received an email from us with details of what is on offer for the next couple of months, with instructions on registering for courses too.  Some of our courses are open to all, others are targeted 1, 2 or 3 depending where you are on your recovery journey.  Once you have made your request to Trish ( (or 07785461351) you will then receive a confirmation email with joining details.

Up until the end of March this year very few of us had heard of Zoom – and we have now had 130+ engagements with students.  Lots of people have said that they are not ‘technical’ and worried about trying Zoom – and most are surprised at how simple it is (once you’ve done it for the first time).  This week we have got to see lots of friendly faces again and that is a boost for everyone – not the same as face-to-face but wonderful to see so many students.

Tues Zoom this past week with Fiona MacNeill talked about how nervousness and excitement are emotions on the same ‘wheel’, depending on which way you are spinning it. She encouraged us to share a place that was important to us and helped us to reframe some of our thinking. Students said of the session they were: inspired, encouraged, relieved and uplifted.

On Tuesday 5th May Jeanette’s guest will be Film Producer Richard Warden, he will be giving us insight into how mental health has been portrayed in film through the decades. He is also offering a 4 week course in June when he will point us to some archive documentaries to watch and then facilitate a discussion. It will be very interesting and you are all welcome to book a place and enjoy the conversation.

Open zoom – details here (closed ones will be sent by confirmation email).

Tuesday Zoom Day –

Wednesday Drum 4UR Life –

Look forward to seeing you on zoom soon.  If you have any other creative ideas for keeping in touch please send us a message.

Take care and stay safe

Jeanette, Molly, Trish and Lainey

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