Recovery College Update – 8th of May

Hello to all our students.

It’s great to see that lots of you are embracing the new technology and getting on board with Zoom courses.  We have now had sessions with up to 20 people on, and it is working really well.

One of the things I’ve noticed as our world is less noisy is the dawn chorus – the cacophony starts just after 4.00am, but is not interrupted by the usual morning noises of traffic, radio, people moving around.  I love to hear it, although there are 2 very noisy rock doves in my garden and I feel like I can understand their conversations. 

Our Tuesday Zoom Day this week had film producer Richard Warden for a very interesting session on how mental health has been portrayed in film.  On the website there will be a powerpoint of Richard’s presentation with an audio commentary and a link to his BAFTA award winning film The Third Dad. We are sure you will enjoy it and want to sign up for his Film Forum course in June.

This week on Tuesday Zoomday (12th May) we are introducing each of our Peer Volunteers to you.  They will share their stories and what their role is within the Recovery College. We will also talk about the Peer Pathway if you are thinking of that. Join us via link below:

Wednesdays Drum 4UR Life, 1.30pm for some banter and fun. If you were part of the Ardrossan drumming course, we want you to come along!! Join us on the link below.

We hope that you found new courses that you’d like to join in our new Curriculum for May and June.  You can see the curriculum on our website in one of the blog posts.

Contact Trish if you want to enrol on any course (

May should have been the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival and Recovery College had been involved. There are a number of online events you may be interested in.

May also has Mental Health Week and the theme is ‘kindness’ please find attached some resources and join in with the suggested activities. We would love to hear on the FB page how that is going.

And finally we have had a flurry of poems shared. We will be hosting a local poet soon on Tuesday Zoom.   Here is Clara’s poem to make you smile:


A smile is all it takes

As long as it’s not fake

Just give yourself that break

A smile is all it takes

A smile can last a while

Even as long as a mile

Or when watching Jeremy Kyle

A smile is all it takes

Some people can be vile

Just give them your biggest smile

It is so worthwhile

Just to smile

A smile is all it takes

Best wishes and stay safe from all your Recovery College Team

Jeanette, Molly, Trish and Lainey

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