WELL-SEEING FILM FORUM, Tuesday 13th October, 6.30pm

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There’s not one Scotland, but many, and the films we’ll discuss at the next Well-Seeing session tell stories that are deeply rooted in varied visions of this place we call home. The action ranges from the densely-crowded Central Belt to the sparsely-populated Highlands, giving us a chance to consider the impact of environment on our lives and our relationships. 

Adam, Where Are You?
(drama, 13 minutes)
Against the background of east end Glasgow and past trauma, a relationship falls apart. Can there be more to the story?
warning: verbal abuse

(documentary, 14 minutes)
An elderly woman reflects on her life at the remote croft at which she hopes to see out the rest of her days.

Just a Boy’s Game
(drama, 71 minutes)
The bars, shipyards and tenements of 1970s Greenock feature heavily in the tale of a young man who can’t escape confronting his past.
warning: gang violence

Local Hero
(drama, 111 minutes)
Glasgow writer/director Bill Forsyth created this light-hearted look at Highland communities, and how residents and visitors might see them differently.

(experimental, 8 minutes)
Scotland-based voices of experience and immersive visuals convey what it is like to live with bipolar disorder.
warning: mentions of self harm

Please don’t feel that you need to watch through everything to attend, and you’re welcome just to listen in. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to see the films noted above after hearing the discussion about them.

If you enjoy Cailleach, you should watch this week’s (extremely short) bonus film: A Portrait of Ga (4 minutes, https://vimeo.com/23362535). Margaret Tait’s playful look at her mother’s Orkney existence is one of her best-loved documentaries. And if that encourages you to see more of Tait’s very individual takes on Scotland and its personalities (her work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), check out Hugh MacDiarmid: A Portrait (8 minutes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8f3BbuqaiY) and many short films at https://movingimage.nls.uk/search?personality=10032

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